Thursday, 17 June 2010


So, this little one - or its mum - made it into our fenced in fortress of an allotment, and was rustling under an empty compost bag that I picked up to see what's under it. It froze, as did I for a split second - then I grabbed it. Cate and I cuddled the poor thing (that's one impressive heart rate!) and released it in the field with the horses. This rabbit removal method beats being shot by the neighbours, just hope it doesn't come back now!

I wonder how you go about harvesting angora... A quick search on the internet produces revealing before-and-after shots:
Now angora self-suffinciency would be lovely, but I don't think I'll be keeping a razor kit in the garden quite yet...


  1. If this made you feel all gooey and fluffy inside, like you just had a hug from a rainbow coloured unicorn, do not, under ANY circumstances, read my follow up post titled Bunnies Revenge. Really, I mean it. It's sick man, sick.

  2. Ok, so one month on and we still haven't seen any more rabbits after that freak incident. Fingers crossed...