Friday, 25 June 2010

Wabbits revenge

Following on from Sarah's post about catching a baby rabbit in the allotment and releasing it into the field next to the allotment, Cate and I found not one, but two baby bunnies in the allotment on Monday evening.

In contrast to the rather cutsie tone of the previous incident, these bunnies were... how shall I put it...? Um, they were dead. Very dead. They were very, very dead baby bunnies. We found the first severly strangulated by the bird netting covering our peas. Most of it had been eaten. Icky gooey bits were hanging out and Cate had to carefully (and very heroically) cut it free with her pen knife (the bunny that is, not the icky falling out bits, you sick puppy).

Which would have been bad enough if it wasn't for finding another dead baby bunny on the other side of the same pea patch later on that same evening. This one had less bits missing, but was every bit as tangulated and dead as its wee pal.

It's the less cuddly side of allotment gardening I suppose, but what was the motive? Was it jealousy? Revenge? Or perhaps a sickening copycat killing?

*[edit] Sarah thought that the original image of a bunny playing with a hand grenade might offend some of our more sensitive readers, so I replaced it with this one. And if this one isn't quite your cup of tea either, then you might find this link useful.


  1. You should have popped them in a pot with a few onions and carrots!

  2. I'm sure that's what Sarah would have done. She's a road kill genius.

    NB. I have since realised the netting isn't the most animal friendly kind, after seeing a different kind in use at another garden - on the list of things to change.