Sunday, 27 September 2009

Harvest - what a way to start!

In a brief visit to the garden after two weeks of absence, David and I found two 17" courgettes! Only two plants made in through the slug attack, and have produced 4 large ones each so far. I keep walking around work with large courgettes in my handbag - and the comments keep coming as you might expect.
The bean poles were leaning diagonally under the weight of runner beans, so we came to the rescue. Bean curry anyone? The rainbow chard has shot up since planting out, the yellow, pink and white ones make a great salad - the red ones are better cooked as they're quite tough. Sweetcorn are looking like they want attention soon - the maize hair is browning on the crowns. Hmmm fried in butter...

The new plot is looking great, except Alexandra's poor flower that has been demolished by slugs. Someone has weeded another two beds ready for sewing - can't wait to see what!

On the old plot we've taken down the old bean poles and dug up the pink apple potatoes - David's first potato harvest. This was also the first outing of my new camera, and I can't recommend alternating potato digging with lens handling. From originally 12 seed potatoes in April we filled a tray...

The tomatoes in the greenhouse have been less prolific, though the 100s and 1000s plant in our kitchen window at home just keeps them coming - tomatoes and greenfly galore. In the picture: mini, gardener's delight, yellow and pink plum tomatoes.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

KB grounds

Billy's hard work is paying off - the gardens are looking beautiful again on the turn to autumn. How do they keep those flowers going???