Sunday, 5 September 2010

Spanish style tortilla with beetroot leaves

Our beetroots and potatoes are doing incredibly well and we've also some onions coming on a treat. Beetroot leaves are surprisingly pretty nice either in a salad, or used cooked, like spinach. Here's a tasty recipe I cooked up for breakfast today that uses all of them:

  • A large potato or two, diced into small pieces
  • Beetroot leaves, roughly chopped (spinach or chard will also work well)
  • A medium sized onion or two
  • 3 eggs
  • Salt and pepper
  • Olive oil
  • Put the diced potato(es) on to boil.
  • Just before the potatoes are ready, add a little olive oil to a hot frying pan and start frying the onions.
  • When the potatoes are ready and the onions are part cooked, add the potatoes to the frying pan. You might also want to add some more olive oil to stop the potatoes sticking.
  • While these are cooking, crack the eggs into a large bowl and roughly mix the yolks and whites together.
  • Once the onions look like they're nice and translucent and the potatoes are starting to brown slightly, put them in the bowl with the eggs. The smell should be gently teasing your taste buds by this point.
  • Add the chopped beetroot leaves (or spinach, or chard) to the now empty frying pan, along with a little more olive oil.
  • Cook the leaves till they've reduced and softened a bit and then add them to the bowl with the eggs and potatoes.
  • Season the lot with as much or as little salt and pepper as you like and then mix it all together.
  • Add a little more oil to the frying pan (look, I didn't say this was the diet version, did I?) and then pour in the contents of the bowl. Cover the frying pan with a lid to help it cook all the way through.
  • Once it's getting quite solid and the bottom is nicely browned, you need to turn it over and cook the other side (here comes the clever bit...)
  • Remove the lid and place a large dinner plate over the top of the tortilla. Turn the frying pan over, keeping the plate firmly in place. Then slide the half cooked tortilla back into the pan, uncooked side down.
  • Once the other side is also nicely browned, it's ready to eat.
  • Mmmmmm! Tasty!

The joy of organic gardening is...

The joy of organic gardening is finding a nest of caterpillars in your broccoli after you've just taken a bite.