Friday, 25 June 2010

The lie of the land in June

Everything is growing. Everything. Thistles and all. Here are some pictures. Above, chives, red and green lettuces, jerusalem artichokes in the background, and plenty of weeds.
Cate planting out the new internet-order veg box arrivals. The things you can get on the web these days! Front left the potatoes, to the right the lettuce cold frame. Behind that more lettuce, peas and root vegetables, including the radishes below.
Lettuces and peas - I could have sworn they were planted with enough space inbetween plants, but it seems not! Had better start harvesting every second one soon...
Our first zucchini (courgette) - with a wee bit further to go - and the first nasturtium flower of the year! Which ended up in a salad. Ruthlessly.

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  1. Your veg looks great. I guess the Scottish climate is a little damper than that of Cambridgeshire. We could use some rain on our allotment.