Wednesday, 12 May 2010

peas peas peas

The peas are freed! After a couple of months and straining at root-bound little pots, they're finally planted out. The reason for the delay you ask? Plant cruelty. No. Rabbit fencing, volume 17. I wasn't going to put anything out before it's safe, but with having finished the gate fencing on Sunday, it's high time. Or so I thought, until, walking up to our new gate, I saw a big fat rabbit hopping along behind it. As in INSIDE.  Bugger.
So I prototyped an igloo out of water pipe, stakes and untangled old netting to keep rabbits and birds off the seedlings. Convinced it was going to hold together, I raked a bed, stapled two of Nenya's old fence boards to chicken wire as a trelace, and filled two trenches with with manure. Three hours later, peas, swiss chard roots and lettuces were all planted up. The farm is starting to look like it's growing!

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  1. When I look at your favourite books - and those above mentioned rabbits - what do you think about Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit? (Fiction is of course very often more amusing than reality, thought Mr. McGregor in a bitter mood) Our "pest" are the slugs, as you could see in my blog "Slug terror", and I wouldn't read stories about them, even if they dressed up in funny little blue coats... Britta