Saturday, 1 May 2010

First co-op produce!

Sarah's been ill this week and I've been out of the city, at college, so not much has been done on the allotment, but today Cate and I made some progress with the rabbit fence, so the last section is now ready for the rabbit mesh, after which it'll be a case of filling in the gaps (such as the gap under the gate and so on).
Sarah joined us, but was a little short of energy and so didn't do any fencing. However, she did manage to pick our first produce, which was a mixture of salad leaves that needed thinning and planting out into cold frames. Cos and red lettuce, spinach and rocket, a handful of which is in the picture. We've broken even this week! She also picked some nettle crowns that she has converted into some seriously lovely nettle soup (the recipe is the next post).

We took some seedlings home from the greenhouse for potting on, including the two trays of peas below, one of which contains organic compost from B&Q, while the other contains high grade recycled compost, previously used for lab experiments at the university. Can you tell which is which? ;)

I should get these repotted tonight. With a little luck, the weather will hold enough for us to finish off the fencing tomorrow and we'll actually be able to start growing things without fear of the rabbits nicking all our produce.

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