Friday, 23 April 2010

Satellite view

[PARANOIA UPDATE EDIT 30/4/2010] I've removed the pretty map. We have no control over who views our blog (which is how it should be), but have concerns that someone might pop by when we're not looking and do something with the allotment that would make us cry. So if you're following this blog and are interested in visiting some time, please get in touch.
I had intended to take lots of lovely photos of my fencing efforts on Sunday, but have realised I forgot to bring my camera with me. So to make up for the lack of visuals (and the blog really is much better with them), here's an interactive google map of the allotment.


  1. Wow I'm impressed - how did you do that!

  2. If you're fairly web literate it's actually quite easy:

    Go to google maps; select satellite view; find your location; sign in to google; find the "my maps" link (next to 'get directions'); select 'create new map'; use the new tool that appears at the top of the map view to draw a line on the map; in the blue bar just above the map, select 'link' and then copy the code in the box below where it says 'Paste HTML to embed in website'. In your blog, when editing a post, make sure you're in HTML / code view and paste the code in there.

    But... if you switch back to the WYSIWYG view you won't be able to see the map or do any further editing (the map will still show up in your posting though), so if you want to add text you'll either have to make a separate posting or use your fabulous HTML coding skills.

    I hope that helps.