Saturday, 17 April 2010

Rabbit fencing at the co-op

OK, here's my top-two of the to-do list:
Job1: get over how many jobs are to be done asap
Job2: put a line between where the resident rabbits will be and won't be - the latter being on our veg patches. So, 3 strainer posts, one gate, 5 fence posts and about 100m of dug trench and hung, tensioned and part-buried chicken wire and 4 days later, we're nearly there.
Here's a picture of the hole Malcolm and David's dug to plant the first gate post - temporarily filled with Cate. Malcolm, that hole really has to be deeper!
And here's the finished product - Cate has been replaced by the left-hand gate post, you'll be glad to hear.

The rabbit fence diaries:
Day 1 - the first 12 metres of trench and fence:

David hard at it, and - ahem - posing with chicken wire. I never thought I'd write that.


  1. Nice to see another Edinburgh allotmenteer. Tho you don't exactly look city centre, given expanse of green fields all round and your rabbit issue. Good luck!

  2. What an interesting blog - and interesting bloggers. I'll have to keep an eye on you folks. You're striking a chord here. LOL

    P.S. Glad Cate made it out safely....

  3. Thanks Linda. You might be surprised about just how central the allotment is. Take a look at the google sattelite map I've just posted and zoom out a little...