Friday, 2 October 2009

October overview

Runner beans and sweetcorn companion planted. This was a permaculture idea by a Canadian student who came across runner beans running up sweetcorn stems, removing the need for bamboo poles. In Scotland our experiment includes poles - just in case - just as well, as the runner beans grew to 3 times the height of the sweetcorn and even bent the bamboo poles under the weight of ever replenishing lovely beans! The sweetcorn have produced very very tasty but rather petite cobs (amazing!), and are bending over in wind alone - maybe not a great support plant in this climate. Beans need a sturdier scaffold next year. Bean recipes to follow!

Parsnips are poking out among the weeds now! Our latest crop this year.

Pink apple potatoes, and mini beetroot finally dug up. Herb chips and warm beetroot salad ensue!

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