Monday, 7 March 2011

Roots all over again

I arrived at the farm today to find the patter of tiny feet all over our raked roots bed... pheasants after worms again. Sowed 1 row Early Nantes carrots, 1 row Jamie Oliver's special purple carrots (moment of weakness in Homebase the other day - they are purple!), 1 row spring onions, 1 row Detroit2 beetroots and stripy beetroots. Then I realised the last two shouldn't be sown until April - too late! We'll see what happens. I also extended the existing onion rows with calendula, which will be very pretty, very soon.
Covered the lot with chicken wire and netting - no more pattering birds dust bathing in this wee corner!


  1. Oh I know they are such a pain - we get those, plus flocks of bird, pigeons, deer -rabbits - makes me wonder why I persist in keeping an allotment

    But as I type the waft of a lovely chunky casserolle made with home grown and frozen veggies - except the potatoes - still have some sacks hanging from the garage rafters, - oh and made a HUGE rhubarb and raspberry crumble to last 4 days - yes it is worth it

  2. Wow, rhubarb and raspberry crumble sounds fantastic! Do you have a recipe to share? Thanks!